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So…you want to know a little about me? Well, I grew up in sunny south Florida….now, most people cringe when you say Florida….kinda like New Jersey (ironically where both my parent’s are from)…but hear me out; Think palm trees, blue water, tropical plants, snorkeling…. better right? All of those things are deeply rooted in my sense of self and, in many ways, have shaped who I am and the path I’ve taken through life.

I’ve been drawing and painting since  I can remember so I think it’s safe to say that I knew I had a future in art from an early age. I developed my skills through a few classes and stuck with it until I discovered photography. Luckily my high school photo class was taught by a great teacher and  pretty soon I was hooked. My parents didn’t even flinch when I suggested I pursue it as a career…lucky me right?

So, 4 fabulous years later, I completed my BA in photography at SCAD. Let me tell you what several years in a tiny little southern town will do to a young adult….. All I could think about was moving to New York for the hustle and bustle and excitement of it all. Alas, life (and my fear of winter) had other plans and, thanks to a dear friend, I ended up scoring a job at Chris Crumley Studios in Virginia Beach. Chris shot commercial, editorial, stock and specialized in underwater photography. I got to spend the better part of that year learning in his gorgeous studio and outdoor pool setup which suited me just fine! In addition to being his shooting assistant, I also worked at his stock photo agency and learned valuable knowledge about usage fees, copyright and how to properly bid for jobs. When it came time to make my next move (to SoCal it happens), Chris gave me a great referral to a fellow u/w photographer & videographer, Marty Snyderman. Marty specialized in editorial work for scuba magazines and he probably has one of the largest stock libraries of fish species on the planet…and I should know…one of my tasks was to scan, edit and keyword his entire library (we’re talkin’ 4 huge file cabinets) of slides. I became a photoshop whiz and a fish identification NERD (we all have secrets right?). Over time, I helped in the production of an educational DVD, an online encyclopedia of marine life and provided image support for several of the magazines he contributed to.
When it was time to move on, Marty referred me to another fellow diver who happened to work for a local manufacturer of scuba lights and accessories. They were looking for an in-house graphics guru and so I began the start of my current job.

Underwater Kinetics offered me the chance, not only to serve as the in-house product photographer, but also to design packaging, print materials, tradeshow displays, websites and anything else that came across my desk. I taught myself the basics of web design, learned about manufacturing and all of its challenges and was given the opportunity to help build one of their accessory brands from the ground up.

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Bachelor of Arts – Photography
Savannah College of Art & Design


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Bridge
Mac Operating Systems
MS Office
Canon 5D / 5Ds
Mamiya RZ67
Tilt/Shift Lenses
Studio Strobes
Pocket Wizards


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